CNBC: Green energy projects at risk

CNBC’s Emily Wilkins reports that an odd coalition of banks, renewable energy and lawmakers are warning that new proposed capital requirement rules would prevent future clean energy projects, as a majority need critical funding from banks.

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National Review: America’s Banks Need Less, Not More

“There is probably no industry in America that comes under more intense regulatory scrutiny than our banks — which have at least five separate federal agencies overseeing their activities. The lending industry is overregulated, not underregulated. Congress and regulators want more control. The regulators are asking Congress to raise capital requirements on their loans. This…

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U.S. Chamber: Letter to the Federal Reserve

Open book with pen in it.

“Increasing capital requirements at this moment could put downward pressure on the economy, or make a widely anticipated recession worse if it were to occur. Small businesses don’t need the added challenge of constrained availability of affordable financing, especially at a moment when interest rates are high.”

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